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What Is This?

Put simply, this site is an experiment of sorts. It is a place for me to throw all sorts of stuff; examples of previous art, random thoughts, gaming stuff for the folks with whom I play, a place to put current projects and assorted what not. It's a site for me to play around with different types of code, try out new things in code with which I am familiar and see what I can break and fix and break and fix again.

Ultimately, you should be able to:

  • see examples of artwork I've done, both static and video
  • check out what I'm currently working on (personal projects, not the freelance code stuff ... that would probably bore the hell out of most folks)
  • keep up with any of the games I'm running or playing in(or add details if you are a player or GMing the game)
  • see the twisted ramblings of my mind (well, maybe not too twisted at times)
  • read about me (it'll be a short section, I promise)
  • contact me if you really really want to

Currently, you'll see ... not much of anything really. But I'm working on it, I swear.

What's New?

- Well, I've done a little work on the home page ;p

- Still working on the first issue of Zombie Lands ... hoping to get issue one out sometime in 2009. Keep your fingers crossed.

cover page mock up of Zombie Lands Issue 1 - Zombie being shot in the head